What is a Keynote Speaker?


A Keynote Speaker (not to be confused with a motivational speaker) captures the essence and overall theme of you meeting or convention and highlights it to the audience in a genuine and meaningful way.

In order to capture this essence, the Keynote Speaker should be well versed and experienced in the subject or topic in question.

The Keynote Speakers job is to tailor their presentation to their specific audience to truly connect on both a personal and professional level with each audience member ensuring their message hits home.

James Gorry Keynote Speaker

Since losing the use of his legs in a workplace accident 2005 and the subsequent amputation of his right leg in 2017 due to a lack of blood circulation, James found a new calling in Motivational and Health & Safety presentations.

James’s ability to truly capture an audiences attention through his personal experiences quickly established him as a highly effective and sought after presenter.

Over the last 10 years James has honed his craft to become a valuable Keynote Speaker for leading industries and conventions not only in Ireland but also across Europe.

As a Keynote Speaker, James delivers an honest and impactful message to the audience through his personal experiences and is keen to share his vast knowledge of the industry.

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